Peace and war

Everyone wants peace. Living in peace is one of the biggest desires for everybody. But wars still happen and one has happened in our country recently.

I’m talking about the war in Artsakh, that started on the 27th of September and lasted for 44 days. The war was really hard. Artsakh and Armenia were fighting against Turkey, Azerbaiyán and Syrian terrorists. It was really bad because as we all know these countries have very powerful military forces meanwhile Armenia actually doesn’t.

Despite the unfair conditions of the war our soldiers still did their best. They protected us and our motherland with their lives. They did everything the could and even more. Our army didn’t lose. Armenian soldiers won.

Although our Army did its work perfectly we still lost. Why? The answer is very simple: we have been betrayed by our own government. Our prime minister and his accomplices literally did everything to make us lose in this war.

This is definitely what hurts me the most. The understanding that we could have won just kills me. Current government promised to do the best for our country and for us and look what happened now. They did exactly the opposite. Because of them we lost, because of them thousands of people died. We lost 80% of Artsakh, we lost Shushi, a town for wich we have been fighting for tree decades.  We are completely heartbroken. After 44 days of hope, we needed to face the sad reality. We could never have imagined that this war would end like this, but unfortunately it did.

Besides all of that, a civilian war is about to start as well. That needs to stop and there’s only one way to stop it. That is the resignation of current government. They should leave immediately and let us try to recover and save our country. A new government should come and this time they should actually care about our country.

Now it’s a very chaotic and hard time for us. It’s very hard not to give up, but I’m still hoping for the best. I still believe that soon all of this will be over. I now that one day our motherland will be back to us and our nation will be able to live happily and in peace. I’m sure that our country will recover, just like it has always done throughout its long history. One day Armenia will be strong and powerful again.

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