Discussion about marriage

Yesterday we had a discussion about marriage. During the discussion everyone had the opportunity to express their opinion. We discussed the keys for a successful marriage, love, trust, the main reasons for divorces, etc.

We talked about love and how to keep it alive even after many years of marriage. We also talked about jealousy, infidelity, emotional and physical fights between couples and tried to understand how to avoid these negative things in a relationship. An other negative thing that we talked about is man’s dominance over woman. A very bad thing that unfortunately is still present in many families, specially in our country. We discussed it and all agreed that patriarchy is wrong and should come to an end. Also we talked about having kids During the discussion we said that both parents have huge responsability for the child and should do what’s the best for her/him. Doing the best might be trying to keep the family if it’s possible or divorcing in order to bring up the baby in peaceful and loving atmosphere.

Another thing that I would like to tell is the preparation work that was done. All of us have prepared well for this discussion. Now I will tell how good our preparation actually was. The host of our discussion was Vivian and she knew exactly what she should do but because of the traffic she was late. We didn’t have time to wait as the discussion should start in time, but Vivian was still not there. The situation was quite challenging but we quickly found the way out from it. Maria became the new host of the discussion and she did very well. In the middle of the discussion Vivian came and co-hosted the discussion along side Maria. The girls did an amazing job and everything was great.

Well, this was all I wanted to tell about our discussion about marriage. It was a very interesting talk. All of us expressed our opinions and listened to each other. It was really nice to be able to talk about an important topic like this one and listen what our friends had to say about it.

Thanks to everyone involved in this work and special thanks to Mrs Silva that helped us along the way and made this happen.

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