Saying goodbye

It’s hard to admit it but I feel like it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve been putting this off for a long time now but I can do it no longer. So here I am saying goodbye to the most wonderful school in the world.

I have been studying here for 1 and half year and I can definitely say that this 1 and half year has become the best one in my whole life. Here I found a family that I failed to find in any other school, with any other teachers and classmates. The only thing I regret is that it’s been only 1 and half year instead of 12, but I’m still thankful for that time too because it was a big coincidence that it happened in the first place.

One evening I entered a supermarket and saw my old friend Anichka, whom I hadn’t seen for years. I was already looking for a new school and casually told her about it. That’s when she told me about this school and told how great it was. We talked for a little and then she left. When I went home I didn’t even have much time to think about it but deep inside I knew exactly what I wanted. It was weird since I usually take long time to plan every decision that I make but this time it was different.

So after less than a week of that accidental meeting I was already studying at this school and I haven’t regretted it yet.

When I first came here of course it wasn’t easy but still enjoyable and fun. My friend Anichka was always by my side helping me in everything. Also Vera was there too, who was the first person whom I met when I came here. All the children were very nice to me since the very first day. The teachers were amazing and supportive too. The educational system was new and very different from what I used to do before but thanks to all of these great people I adapted quickly and enjoyed every second of studying here.

So in conclusion, I can only say that I will miss my school a lot. It hurts to say goodbye to the place that has become home and to people who have become like a family to me, but I understand that everything has to come to an end. This chapter of my life soon will end but the countless memories that I made here will stay with me forever.

Thank you all for making me feel so loved and accepted during this 1 and half year. I will forever remember this beautiful time of my life with lots of love, joy and gratitude. Thank you!

Discussion about marriage

Yesterday we had a discussion about marriage. During the discussion everyone had the opportunity to express their opinion. We discussed the keys for a successful marriage, love, trust, the main reasons for divorces, etc.

We talked about love and how to keep it alive even after many years of marriage. We also talked about jealousy, infidelity, emotional and physical fights between couples and tried to understand how to avoid these negative things in a relationship. An other negative thing that we talked about is man’s dominance over woman. A very bad thing that unfortunately is still present in many families, specially in our country. We discussed it and all agreed that patriarchy is wrong and should come to an end. Also we talked about having kids During the discussion we said that both parents have huge responsability for the child and should do what’s the best for her/him. Doing the best might be trying to keep the family if it’s possible or divorcing in order to bring up the baby in peaceful and loving atmosphere.

Another thing that I would like to tell is the preparation work that was done. All of us have prepared well for this discussion. Now I will tell how good our preparation actually was. The host of our discussion was Vivian and she knew exactly what she should do but because of the traffic she was late. We didn’t have time to wait as the discussion should start in time, but Vivian was still not there. The situation was quite challenging but we quickly found the way out from it. Maria became the new host of the discussion and she did very well. In the middle of the discussion Vivian came and co-hosted the discussion along side Maria. The girls did an amazing job and everything was great.

Well, this was all I wanted to tell about our discussion about marriage. It was a very interesting talk. All of us expressed our opinions and listened to each other. It was really nice to be able to talk about an important topic like this one and listen what our friends had to say about it.

Thanks to everyone involved in this work and special thanks to Mrs Silva that helped us along the way and made this happen.

That’s me

Who am I? This is, actually, a very hard question to respond. I think that it is quite hard for everyone as nobody fully knows who they are. It takes long time to respond to this question. Sometimes even after years of looking for an answer, many people never get it.

One thing is for sure: I’m not perfect. I know that, but I don’t mind it at all. Of course, I try to be better but I realize that it’s impossible to be perfect or even good for everyone.

Each and every person in the world is unique. Non of them is completely the same. Every person has that something that makes them different from others and that’s really amazing.

For example, I am a moody person, who loves her family and friends. I have lots of hobbies, such as singing, listening to music, dancing swimming and so on. Of course there are people with similar personalities or with same hobbies but they are not exactly like me and I’m not exactly like them. We all are unique with some similarities that we have in common.

I know that all of us are different from one another. We are unique and that’s what makes life interesting. We all should try our best to be the best versions of ourselves. That’s exactly what I do each and every day if my life.

Peace and war

Everyone wants peace. Living in peace is one of the biggest desires for everybody. But wars still happen and one has happened in our country recently.

I’m talking about the war in Artsakh, that started on the 27th of September and lasted for 44 days. The war was really hard. Artsakh and Armenia were fighting against Turkey, Azerbaiyán and Syrian terrorists. It was really bad because as we all know these countries have very powerful military forces meanwhile Armenia actually doesn’t.

Despite the unfair conditions of the war our soldiers still did their best. They protected us and our motherland with their lives. They did everything the could and even more. Our army didn’t lose. Armenian soldiers won.

Although our Army did its work perfectly we still lost. Why? The answer is very simple: we have been betrayed by our own government. Our prime minister and his accomplices literally did everything to make us lose in this war.

This is definitely what hurts me the most. The understanding that we could have won just kills me. Current government promised to do the best for our country and for us and look what happened now. They did exactly the opposite. Because of them we lost, because of them thousands of people died. We lost 80% of Artsakh, we lost Shushi, a town for wich we have been fighting for tree decades.  We are completely heartbroken. After 44 days of hope, we needed to face the sad reality. We could never have imagined that this war would end like this, but unfortunately it did.

Besides all of that, a civilian war is about to start as well. That needs to stop and there’s only one way to stop it. That is the resignation of current government. They should leave immediately and let us try to recover and save our country. A new government should come and this time they should actually care about our country.

Now it’s a very chaotic and hard time for us. It’s very hard not to give up, but I’m still hoping for the best. I still believe that soon all of this will be over. I now that one day our motherland will be back to us and our nation will be able to live happily and in peace. I’m sure that our country will recover, just like it has always done throughout its long history. One day Armenia will be strong and powerful again.

Where there is a will there is a way

» Where there is a will there is a way» is a statement of encouragement. It tells people not to give up and to keep going towards their dreams and goals. This statement shows the power of will, hard work and determination.

I personally agree with this statement. I believe that if a person wants something he or she will get it no matter what. I also have big dreams and goals, that seem completely unachievable to everyone around me, but I never let that stop me. I’m sure that I will achieve all my goals and make my dreams come true.

«Where there is a will there is a way» is a positive statement that is meant to inspire people and encourage them to follow their dreams and never give up. This statement is one hundred percent truth. I truly believe that any dream or any goal is achievable. Nobody says that it’s easy, because it’s not. Actually, it might be incredibly hard, but never impossible.

Dreams and goals and the determination to achieve them makes life interesting and more valuable. Life becomes more meaningful, because if a person has a dream or a goal, he will work day and night and make it come true. Hard work is important, but it’s not all. People also need to believe in their success, they need to be sure, without a doubt, that they are going to get what they want. In that case the success will be secured.

But even a positive statement like this has some negative sides as well. Being determined and working hard is great, but it’s only good when it’s not too much. Sometimes people dedicate all of their time only to that one dream or goal. And it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes it can be a little too much. People in situations like that simply may not see anything else around them and miss the priceless time that they could have spent with their family or friends.

In my opinion, » Where there is a will there is a way» is an incredibly inspiring and true statement. More people need to read this statement and stop underestimating others and themselves. If a person wants something they will definitely achieve it. This is a fact, that should never be under a question. I hope more people will know about this and make their lives better.

The Skylight Room

First Mrs. Parker would show you the double parlours. You would not dare to interrupt her description of their advantages and of the merits of the gentleman who had occupied them for eight years. Then you would manage to stammer forth the confession that you were neither a doctor nor a dentist. Mrs. Parker’s manner of receiving the admission was such that you could never afterward entertain the same feeling toward your parents, who had neglected to train you up in one of the professions that fitted Mrs. Parker’s parlours.

Next you ascended one flight of stairs and looked at the second- floor-back at $8. Convinced by her second-floor manner that it was worth the $12 that Mr. Toosenberry always paid for it until he left to take charge of his brother’s orange plantation in Florida near Palm Beach, where Mrs. McIntyre always spent the winters that had the double front room with private bath, you managed to babble that you wanted something still cheaper.

If you survived Mrs. Parker’s scorn, you were taken to look at Mr. Skidder’s large hall room on the third floor. Mr. Skidder’s room was not vacant. He wrote plays and smoked cigarettes in it all day long. But every room-hunter was made to visit his room to admire the lambrequins. After each visit, Mr. Skidder, from the fright caused by possible eviction, would pay something on his rent.

Then—oh, then—if you still stood on one foot, with your hot hand clutching the three moist dollars in your pocket, and hoarsely proclaimed your hideous and culpable poverty, nevermore would Mrs. Parker be cicerone of yours. She would honk loudly the word «Clara» she would show you her back, and march downstairs. Then Clara, the coloured maid, would escort you up the carpeted ladder that served for the fourth flight, and show you the Skylight Room. It occupied 7×8 feet of floor space at the middle of the hall. On each side of it was a dark lumber closet or storeroom.

In it was an iron cot, a washstand and a chair. A shelf was the dresser. Its four bare walls seemed to close in upon you like the sides of a coffin. Your hand crept to your throat, you gasped, you looked up as from a well—and breathed once more. Through the glass of the little skylight you saw a square of blue infinity.

«Two dollars, suh,» Clara would say in her half-contemptuous, half- Tuskegeenial tones.

One day Miss Leeson came hunting for a room. She carried a typewriter made to be lugged around by a much larger lady. She was a very little girl, with eyes and hair that had kept on growing after she had stopped and that always looked as if they were saying: «Goodness me ! Why didn’t you keep up with us?»

Mrs. Parker showed her the double parlours. «In this closet,» she said, «one could keep a skeleton or anaesthetic or coal «

«But I am neither a doctor nor a dentist,» said Miss Leeson, with a shiver.

Mrs. Parker gave her the incredulous, pitying, sneering, icy stare that she kept for those who failed to qualify as doctors or dentists, and led the way to the second floor back.

«Eight dollars?» said Miss Leeson. «Dear me! I’m not Hetty if I do look green. I’m just a poor little working girl. Show me something higher and lower.»

Mr. Skidder jumped and strewed the floor with cigarette stubs at the rap on his door.

«Excuse me, Mr. Skidder,» said Mrs. Parker, with her demon’s smile at his pale looks. «I didn’t know you were in. I asked the lady to have a look at your lambrequins.»

«They’re too lovely for anything,» said Miss Leeson, smiling in exactly the way the angels do.

After they had gone Mr. Skidder got very busy erasing the tall, black-haired heroine from his latest (unproduced) play and inserting a small, roguish one with heavy, bright hair and vivacious features.

«Anna Held’ll jump at it,» said Mr. Skidder to himself, putting his feet up against the lambrequins and disappearing in a cloud of smoke like an aerial cuttlefish.

Presently the tocsin call of «Clara!» sounded to the world the state of Miss Leeson’s purse. A dark goblin seized her, mounted a Stygian stairway, thrust her into a vault with a glimmer of light in its top and muttered the menacing and cabalistic words «Two dollars!»

«I’ll take it!» sighed Miss Leeson, sinking down upon the squeaky iron bed.

Every day Miss Leeson went out to work. At night she brought home papers with handwriting on them and made copies with her typewriter. Sometimes she had no work at night, and then she would sit on the steps of the high stoop with the other roomers. Miss Leeson was not intended for a sky-light room when the plans were drawn for her creation. She was gay-hearted and full of tender, whimsical fancies. Once she let Mr. Skidder read to her three acts of his great (unpublished) comedy, «It’s No Kid; or, The Heir of the Subway.»

There was rejoicing among the gentlemen roomers whenever Miss Leeson had time to sit on the steps for an hour or two. But Miss Longnecker, the tall blonde who taught in a public school and said, «Well, really!» to everything you said, sat on the top step and sniffed. And Miss Dorn, who shot at the moving ducks at Coney every Sunday and worked in a department store, sat on the bottom step and sniffed. Miss Leeson sat on the middle step and the men would quickly group around her.

Especially Mr. Skidder, who had cast her in his mind for the star part in a private, romantic (unspoken) drama in real life. And especially Mr. Hoover, who was forty-five, fat, flush and foolish. And especially very young Mr. Evans, who set up a hollow cough to induce her to ask him to leave off cigarettes. The men voted her «the funniest and jolliest ever,» but the sniffs on the top step and the lower step were implacable.

* * * * * *

I pray you let the drama halt while Chorus stalks to the footlights and drops an epicedian tear upon the fatness of Mr. Hoover. Tune the pipes to the tragedy of tallow, the bane of bulk, the calamity of corpulence. Tried out, Falstaff might have rendered more romance to the ton than would have Romeo’s rickety ribs to the ounce. A lover may sigh, but he must not puff. To the train of Momus are the fat men remanded. In vain beats the faithfullest heart above a 52-inch belt. Avaunt, Hoover! Hoover, forty-five, flush and foolish, might carry off Helen herself; Hoover, forty-five, flush, foolish and fat is meat for perdition. There was never a chance for you, Hoover.

As Mrs. Parker’s roomers sat thus one summer’s evening, Miss Leeson looked up into the firmament and cried with her little gay laugh:

«Why, there’s Billy Jackson! I can see him from down here, too.»

All looked up—some at the windows of skyscrapers, some casting about for an airship, Jackson-guided.

«It’s that star,» explained Miss Leeson, pointing with a tiny finger. «Not the big one that twinkles—the steady blue one near it. I can see it every night through my skylight. I named it Billy Jackson.»

«Well, really!» said Miss Longnecker. «I didn’t know you were an astronomer, Miss Leeson.»

«Oh, yes,» said the small star gazer, «I know as much as any of them about the style of sleeves they’re going to wear next fall in Mars.»

«Well, really!» said Miss Longnecker. «The star you refer to is Gamma, of the constellation Cassiopeia. It is nearly of the second magnitude, and its meridian passage is—«

«Oh,» said the very young Mr. Evans, «I think Billy Jackson is a much better name for it.»

«Same here,» said Mr. Hoover, loudly breathing defiance to Miss Longnecker. «I think Miss Leeson has just as much right to name stars as any of those old astrologers had.»

«Well, really!» said Miss Longnecker.

«I wonder whether it’s a shooting star,» remarked Miss Dorn. «I hit nine ducks and a rabbit out of ten in the gallery at Coney Sunday.»

«He doesn’t show up very well from down here,» said Miss Leeson. «You ought to see him from my room. You know you can see stars even in the daytime from the bottom of a well. At night my room is like the shaft of a coal mine, and it makes Billy Jackson look like the big diamond pin that Night fastens her kimono with.»

There came a time after that when Miss Leeson brought no formidable papers home to copy. And when she went out in the morning, instead of working, she went from office to office and let her heart melt away in the drip of cold refusals transmitted through insolent office boys. This went on.

There came an evening when she wearily climbed Mrs. Parker’s stoop at the hour when she always returned from her dinner at the restaurant. But she had had no dinner.

As she stepped into the hall Mr. Hoover met her and seized his chance. He asked her to marry him, and his fatness hovered above her like an avalanche. She dodged, and caught the balustrade. He tried for her hand, and she raised it and smote him weakly in the face. Step by step she went up, dragging herself by the railing. She passed Mr. Skidder’s door as he was red-inking a stage direction for Myrtle Delorme (Miss Leeson) in his (unaccepted) comedy, to «pirouette across stage from L to the side of the Count.» Up the carpeted ladder she crawled at last and opened the door of the skylight room.

She was too weak to light the lamp or to undress. She fell upon the iron cot, her fragile body scarcely hollowing the worn springs. And in that Erebus of the skylight room, she slowly raised her heavy eyelids, and smiled.

For Billy Jackson was shining down on her, calm and bright and constant through the skylight. There was no world about her. She was sunk in a pit of blackness, with but that small square of pallid light framing the star that she had so whimsically and oh, so ineffectually named. Miss Longnecker must be right; it was Gamma, of the constellation Cassiopeia, and not Billy Jackson. And yet she could not let it be Gamma.

As she lay on her back she tried twice to raise her arm. The third time she got two thin fingers to her lips and blew a kiss out of the black pit to Billy Jackson. Her arm fell back limply.

«Good-bye, Billy,» she murmured faintly. «You’re millions of miles away and you won’t even twinkle once. But you kept where I could see you most of the time up there when there wasn’t anything else but darkness to look at, didn’t you? . . . Millions of miles. . . . Good-bye, Billy Jackson.»

Clara, the coloured maid, found the door locked at 10 the next day, and they forced it open. Vinegar, and the slapping of wrists and burnt feathers proving of no avail, some one ran to ‘phone for an ambulance.

In due time it backed up to the door with much gong-clanging, and the capable young medico, in his white linen coat, ready, active, confident, with his smooth face half debonair, half grim, danced up the steps.

«Ambulance call to 49,» he said briefly. «What’s the trouble?»

«Oh, yes, doctor,» sniffed Mrs. Parker, as though her trouble that there should be trouble in the house was the greater. «I can’t think what can be the matter with her. Nothing we could do would bring her to. It’s a young woman, a Miss Elsie—yes, a Miss Elsie Leeson. Never before in my house—«

«What room?» cried the doctor in a terrible voice, to which Mrs. Parker was a stranger.

«The skylight room. It—

Evidently the ambulance doctor was familiar with the location of skylight rooms. He was gone up the stairs, four at a time. Mrs. Parker followed slowly, as her dignity demanded.

On the first landing she met him coming back bearing the astronomer in his arms. He stopped and let loose the practised scalpel of his tongue, not loudly. Gradually Mrs. Parker crumpled as a stiff garment that slips down from a nail. Ever afterward there remained crumples in her mind and body. Sometimes her curious roomers would ask her what the doctor said to her.

«Let that be,» she would answer. «If I can get forgiveness for having heard it I will be satisfied.»

The ambulance physician strode with his burden through the pack of hounds that follow the curiosity chase, and even they fell back along the sidewalk abashed, for his face was that of one who bears his own dead.

They noticed that he did not lay down upon the bed prepared for it in the ambulance the form that he carried, and all that he said was: «Drive like h**l, Wilson,» to the driver.

That is all. Is it a story? In the next morning’s paper I saw a little news item, and the last sentence of it may help you (as it helped me) to weld the incidents together.

It recounted the reception into Bellevue Hospital of a young woman who had been removed from No. 49 East — street, suffering from debility induced by starvation. It concluded with these words:

«Dr. William Jackson, the ambulance physician who attended the case, says the patient will recover.»

Parlour — սրահ

Lumber — փայտանյութ

Coal — ածուխ

Halt — դադարեցնել

Crawl — սողալ

Fragily — փխրուն

Murmure — տրտնջալ

Faintly — թույլ

Twinkle — շողալ

Constellation — համաստեղություն

Starvation — սով

Debility — թուլություն

Listening exercise

Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

What aspect of USA Today does the professor mainly discuss?

A. how it changed the newspaper industry 

B. why its circulation has kept growing 

C. the type of people who read the paper the paper gets late sports scores

What can be inferred about the professor when he says this: «Some of you might recognize it as the topic of this week’s reading assignment.»?

A.  He knows that all the students are familiar with the subject. 

B. He is angry at the students because he thinks they are lazy. 

C. He doesn’t think that any students have read the assignment.

D. He thinks many students have not yet read the assignment. 

Why does the professor mention McDonald’s?

A. to compare the quality of its food with the quality of USA Today’s stories

B.  to compare the design of its restaurants with the look of USA Today’s pages 

C. to compare the great suyccess of McDonald’s with the success of USA Today

D. to compare the early years of McDonald’s with the early years of USA Today

What is a key feature of USA Today mentioned in the lecture?

A. lots of international news

B. color photos and graphics 

C. stories about crime and killing 

D. stories that jump from page one

Why does the professor imply when he says this: «They replaced quote unquote serious news with feature stories.»?

A. that USA Today does not know what serious news is

B. that other papers shouldn’t have copied USA Today

C. that people have different definitions of serious news

D. that USA Today changed the style of other papers

What can be inferred about circulation?

A. It measures the number of people who buy each issue of the paper.

B. It measures the number of people who read each issue of the paper.

C. It measures how many people buy and read each issue of the paper.

D. It measures neither how many people buy nor read each issue of the paper

The effects of stress

There is a famous expression in English: “Stop the world, I want to get off!” This expression refers to a feeling of panic, or stress, that makes a person want to stop whatever they are doing, try to relax, and become calm again. ‘Stress’ means pressure or tension. It is one of the most common causes of health problems in modern life. Too much stress results in physical, emotional, and mental health problems.

There are numerous physical effects of stress. Stress can affect the heart. It can increase the pulse rate, make the heart miss beats, and can cause high blood pressure. Stress can affect the respiratory system. It can lead to asthma. It can cause a person to breathe too fast, resulting in a loss of important carbon dioxide. Stress can affect the stomach. It can cause stomach aches and problems digesting food. These are only a few examples of the wide range of illnesses and symptoms resulting from stress.

Emotions are also easily affected by stress. People suffering from stress often feel anxious. They may have panic attacks. They may feel tired all the time. When people are under stress, they often overreact to little problems. For example, a normally gentle parent under a lot of stress at work may yell at a child for dropping a glass of juice. Stress can make people angry, moody, or nervous.

Long-term stress can lead to a variety of serious mental illnesses. Depression, an extreme feeling of sadness and hopelessness, can be the result of continued and increasing stress. Alcoholism and other addictions often develop as a result of overuse of alcohol or drugs to try to relieve stress. Eating disorders, such as anorexia, are sometimes caused by stress and are often made worse by stress. If stress is allowed to continue, then one’s mental health is put at risk.

It is obvious that stress is a serious problem. It attacks the body. It affects the emotions. Untreated, it may eventually result in mental illness. Stress has a great influence on the health and well-being of our bodies, our feelings, and our minds. So, reduce stress: stop the world and rest for a while.


Carbon dioxide — a colourless, odourless gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds and by respiration. It is naturally present in air and is absorbed by plants in photosynthesis.

Stomach ache — a pain in a person’s stomach or belly.

Distance learning N4 April (13-30)

2. Reported Speech

1. «What time does the next bus leave?» he said. «I need to get to the station.»

He/ She asked what time did the next bus leave and that he/she needed to get to the station.

2. «Don’t go swimming in the lake,» she said. «The water is filthy.»

She told her not to go swimming in the lake and that the water was filthy.

3. «Let’s go shopping tomorrow,» she said. «The sales have started.»

She told her to go shopping the next day and that the sales had started.

4. «Stand up,» the teacher said to the pupils. «The headmaster is coming.»

The teacher told to the pupils to stand up and that the headmaster was coming.

5. «Please don’t take my ring,» she said to him. «It was a present.»

She asked him not to take her ring and that it had been a present.

6. «It’s very late, Martin,» his mother said. «Where have you been?»

Martin’s mother told that it was very late and asked had you been.

7. «Shall I cook the dinner?» he said to her. «You look very tired.»

He asked her if he should cook the dinner and that she looked very tired.

8. «Please stop making that noise!» she said to him. «I can’t concentrate.»

She asked him to stop making that noise and that she couldn’t concentrate.

9. «Yes, I dropped your vase,» she said. «I was cleaning the shelf.»

She told that had dropped his case and that she had been cleaning the shelf.

10. «Can I use the car, please?» she said. «I need to run some errands.»

She asked if she could use the car and that she needed to run some errands.

11. «I’m sorry I’m late,» he said. «The car wouldn’t start.»

He told that he was sorry he was late and that the car wouldn’t start.

12. «Why are you teasing your sister?» she asked him. «You know it makes her unhappy.»

She asked why was he teasing his sister and that he knew it made her unhappy.

13. «Why won’t you come to the party?» he said to her. «Everyone would love to see you.»

He asked her why wouldn’t she come to the party and that everyone would love to see her.

14. «It was Rob who broke the window,» he said to her. «He was kicking the football.»

He told her that it had been Rob who had broken the window and that he had been kicking the football.

3. Match the word  with  the by proper definition

  1.  altogether                              l. completely
  2. brag                                          d. to tell about your own achievements
  3. even out                                  g. to come into balance
  4. hold out for                   h. carelessness        
  5. lame                                     o. stupid and boring
  6. marvel                 I. to be amazed                    
  7. negligence                            f. to insist on something
  8. profile                b. a face seen from the side                      
  9. illiterate                     j. one who cannot read or write            
  10. show off                       a. to behave in an ostentatious way to impress others          
  11. absently                                  c. without paying attention
  12. squabble                        m. to argue         
  13. stray                                      n. to get lost 
  14. trivia                          e. useless facts           
  15. yank                                      k. to pull hard

5.Read the dialogues and choose the most appropriate options to complete the dialogues.

1. Doctor
Take this medicine for a week and you’ll start to feel better.
Are you sure? It’s the best on the market.
Yes I am. Can you please prescribe another one?

D) But I’ve used it before and it did not help at all.

2. Jake
How did you like the movie you saw last night?
I can’t say it was the best I’ve ever seen.
Certainly not. Do not waste your time.

E) Then you wouldn’t recommend it, would you?

3. Father
What? You crashed the car again?
I’m sure it wasn’t. This is the third accident you have had this year.
You’re very angry now, dad. We had better talk about this later on.

A) I do apologize. I promise it won’t happen again.
B) Was the car in good condition?
C) But it wasn’t my fault. You’ve got to believe me.
D) Was it worth the money and time you had wasted?
E) Why do you ask? Don’t y

Why do you think so?
Whenever we meet, she pretends not to see me.
I don’t thin k it’s because she hasn’t got over her anger. She’s having
a bad time at work nowadays.

A) It seems that Martha is still angry with me.

Are you kidding? We are in June.
So what? What’s wrong with June?
The right time to trim your roses is the beginning of winter, when they
lose their flowers.

B) Can you help me prune the roses in the garden at the weekend?

6.Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. Even though the two parties appear united in negotiations, —-.
A) the level of trust between them will always remain, at best, tenuous

2. The moment I saw the sad face of my girl friend, —-.
D) I found out that something was wrong

3. You had better take your mobile phone with you —-.
D) If you had wanted to go abroad

4. —- when they learned that the chairman would not be able to join the meeting.
C) It wasn’t until they got a phone call about an urgent meeting the next day

5. —-, the Grammys are the highest rated.
A) There are many mus
E) Of the «big three» music awards shows